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jack Benny Program: Season 5, Episode 2: Jam Session at Jack's

(From In Jack's monologue, he reads critics' reviews of his first show of the season; he skips those who hated him. Don balks at Jack's idea for the commercial but does it anyway: singing while skipping rope.

Jack hurries home for the weekly jam session at his house. His pals filter in: Tony Martin (clarinet), Fred MacMurray (saxophone), Dick Powell (trumpet), Dan Dailey (drums), and Kirk Douglas (banjo). They avail themselves of the coin-operated vending machines hidden throughout Jack's living room. The group plays a ragged version of "Basin Street" while Kirk keeps breaking into "Bye Bye Blues", the only song he knows.

In the epilogue, Jack has the audience applaud for its favorite musician. The winner gets $5 of Jack's own cash. Jack keeps his five.

FIrst aired October 17, 1954

Run time 29 minutes 28 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: The_Emperor_Of_Television - - April 25, 2012
Subject: Yes
I honestly cannot think of a decent review to write, so instead I'll just say "watch it".

Watch it.
Reviewer: richgoup - - February 15, 2012
Subject: The Jam Session Show (The Jack Benny Program)
Season 5, episode 2.
Original air date: 17 October 1954.
Jack invites some celebrity friends over to the house for one of his weekly jam sessions.
Cast: Jack Benny (Jack Benny), Dan Dailey (Dan Dailey), Kirk Douglas (Kirk Douglas), Fred MacMurray (Fred MacMurray), Tony Martin (Tony Martin), Dick Powell (Dick Powell), Rita Gam (1st lucky Strike Commercial), Don Wilson (Don Wilson), Eddie `Rochester` Anderson (Rochester Van Jones), Charles Bagby (Charlie Bagby), Don Rice (Don Rice) and Dorothy Collins (2nd Lucky Strike Commercial: uncredited).
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